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All fighters need blood work done before they fight. The fighter must test for Hep B, Hep C and Hiv. The results must be negative on all three tests. Blood work must be done once a year in Oregon so call Request a Test at 1-888-732-2348 for locations and fast turn around for all three blood tests. For more informations visit Request a Test to find a STD Testing Center near you.

 Click here for the official Report Of Physical Examination required by the Oregon State Athletic Commission.

 Make sure to let Request a Test know to email results to United Combat Sports LLC and also fax the results to the Oregon Boxing Commission at 503 378-6878.

 Please call the Oregon Boxing Commission to make sure the email was received, phone # 503-378-8739.

 To compete in the State of Oregon, all fighters (amateur and professional) must be registered with the Oregon State Athletic Commission by completing the application form found below.

 Submit the completed form to the Oregon State Athletic Commission at 3400 State Street, Suite G-750, Salem, OR 97301 either by mail or in person.

 You must include a copy of two forms of legal identification and a passport sized photo. There is no fee to register. You will then receive your Federal ID card which will be valid for a period of five years.
National MMA ID Card Application Form

Fighter Application Forms/Information
Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Application