About 10 years ago, at the request of a little known fighter named BJ Penn, CrossFit headquarters created a training drill to simulate the time domain and physical requirements of a fight.  BJ was looking for a method of training that would give him a physical advantage in the ring. The workout CrossFit came up with was three rounds of five stations with one minute at each station and one minute rest in between.  The stations were: sumo dead lift high pulls, box jumps, push press, wall ball, and rowing.  When finished, BJ was asked what the workout felt like- his response: “Like a FIGHT GONE BAD!”

 CrossFit Salem invites you to experience what BJ did!  Enter the “FIGHT GONE BAD” challenge to win one free month of training at CrossFit Salem.  Here are the details:
  Each participant must compete using the prescribed weights for high pulls, push press, and wall ball, as well as reach the prescribed height for box jumps and wall ball.  Prescription is:
•  sumo deadlift high pull:  75 lbs. (men)/ 55 lbs. (women)
•  box jump:  20” (men)/ 20” (women)
•  push press: 75 lbs. (men)/ 55 lbs. (women)
•  wall ball:  medicine ball weight- 20 lbs.(men)/ 15 lbs.(women) medicine ball throw height-  10’(men)/ 10’(women)
•   rowing:  Concept 2 rower set with damper on 5.

  The challenge will be judged and scored. Each repetition completed with good form counts as one point.  For rowing, the participant gets one point for every calorie burned.  After three rounds, the “fight” is over, and the person with the most points wins!

  Visit our booth at the United Combat Sports 1st annual Health, Fitness, and MMA expo or contact us for more details.  Search for videos of FIGHT GONE BAD to prepare for the challenge.  Good luck!

Andy and Carol Bolliger, owners
Crossfit Salem
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