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"Caged Combat 5"

1 - Amateur 125 lbs
Brian Tsutsumi (Impact BJJ) def Steve Lantry (Team Chaos)

2 - Amateur 175 lbs
Brad Ball (Team Quest) def Ben Scoggins (Midtown MMA) by TKO @ 1:00 Rd 2

3 - Amateur 135 lbs
Justin Hubbard (Dog Pound) def Cleveland Smith (Filthy Fighters)
by Guillotine Choke @ 1:18 Rd 3

4 - Amateur 155 lbs
Chico Sosa (Team Chaos) def Kyle Marsh (Dog Pound) by TKO @ 1:43 Rd 2

5 - Amateur 250 lbs
Anthony McDonald (246, Midtown MMA) def Kelly Nelson (Salem) by TKO @ 1:11 Rd 1

6 - UCS Middleweight Amateur Title Fight
Corey Wyatt (Midtown MMA) def Jesse Apadoca by TKO @ 0:59 Rd 2

7 - UCS Lightweight Pro Title Fight
Henry Martinez (Jackson's MMA) def Jake McKnight (Team Chaos) by TKO @ 3:42 Rd 1

8 - UCS Welterweight Pro Title Fight
Eddy Ellis (United Training Center) def JT Taylor (Desert Dogs) by TKO @ 4:53 Rd 1

9 Main Event - UCS Featherweight Pro Title Fight
Enoch Wilson (Team Quest Tualatin) vs Chase Beebe (Gilbert Grappling / Jackson's MMA) Draw

"House of Chaos"

170lb Title
Sean Baker(Hood River) def. Tony Buffa (Compound) by Unanimous Decision.

145 lb Title
Jesse Moore (UIMA) def. Kacey Ladour (Art of War) by Tapout @ 2:53 of Rd. 2.(Rear Naked Choke)

135lb Title
Chris San Jose (Art of War) def. Joe Zambrano (Chaos) by Unanimous Decision.

135lb - Cory Vombaur def. Vince Barner (Chaos) byTapout @ 1:59 of Rd. 2.(Rear Naked Choke)

155lb - Graham Nelson (Art of War) def. Chuy Lopez (Chaos) by Split Decision.

145lb - Josh Deherrara (Chaos) def. Shane Sargent byKO @ 2:59 of Rd. 1.

170lb - Scott Philp (MV MMA - LTF) def. Johnny Collins byTKO @ 2:38 of Rd. 1.

HWT. - Kelly Nelson def. Aaron Rasmussen 245lb (Chaos) by tapout @ 1:17 of Rd. 1.(Guillotine Choke.)

170lb - Chico Sosa (Chaos) def. Scott Baker byTKO @ :18 of Rd. 2.

135lb - Aaron Ecklund (Chaos) def. Nick Meza (IND.) by Tapout @ :35 of Rd. 1.
(Key Lock)

135lb - Jesse Lane (Dog Pound) def. Adam King (Chaos) TKO @ :29 of Rd. 2.

April 16th

Amateur Bouts

1. 125 lbs. David Converse def Jessie Lane by Rear Naked Choke in Rd 1

2. 135 lbs. Chris Sanjose def Justin Hubbard by Neck Crank in Rd 1

3. 145 lbs. Kyle Pullen def John Jones by Rear Naked Choke in Rd 1

4. 145 lbs. Kacey Ladour def Rich Beodighiemer by TKO in Rd 2

5. 155 lbs. Mike Frear def Darel Cavan by KO (Tornado Kick) in Rd 3

6. 145 lbs. Championship Joaquin Rodriguez def Phil Gebaure by Rear Naked Choke in Rd 1

Professional Bouts

7. 185 lbs. Tyler Moug def Chris Ensley by TKO in Rd 1

8. 170 lbs. Donnie Evenson def Taylor Roberts by TKO in Rd 3

9. 145 lbs. Championship Enoch Wilson def Dennis Davis by TKO in Rd 2

10. Main Event - Pro 155 lbs
Jason Gybels def Charles Bennett by Rear Naked Choke in Rd 3

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"Resolution 2"

1. 130 lb Airy Alcaraz vs David Converse
David Converse wins by Rear Naked Choke. 1:08 1st round

2. 170 lb Chuy Lopez vs Chris Moran
Chris Moran wins by Rear Naked Choke. 1:43 1st round

3. 155 lb Cody Elder vs Bryan Nuro
Bryan Nuro wins by Rear Naked Choke. 1:16 1st round

4. 155 lb Darel Cavan vs Levi Weikel
Levi Weikel wins by UnanimousDecision. 30-27

5. 180 lb Dylan Lorieaux vs Lee Flores
Lee Flores wins by Rear Naked Choke. 1:15 1st round

6. 170 lb Brandon Nunn vs Dane Camella
Dane Camella wins by Arm Bar. 2:24 1st round

7. 145 lb Phil Gebaure vs Travis Cavalli
Phil Gebaure wins by Rear Naked Choke. 1:15 2nd round

8. Heavyweight Championship
Cameron Holsclaw vs Kash Raymond
Kash Raymond
wins TKO. 2:56 2nd round

9. Flyweight Championship
Andrew Kea vs Josh Roebuck
Andrew Kea
wins by TKO. 1:44 1st round

10. Bantamweight Championship
Benny Vinson vs Vince Barner
Benny Vinson
wins by Rear Naked Choke. 2:20 4th round

11. Middleweight Championship
Eli Peterson vs Corey Wyatt
Corey Wyatt
wins by Rear Naked Choke. 1:08 4th round

12. Welterweight Championship
Dave Webb vs Rod Jaques
Dave Webb wins by Guillotine Choke. :34 1st round